Daughter of my Mum (DOMM) Story

Hello, I’m Mái, a Colombo-Australian woman living in Melbourne passionate about craftsmanship, skill that was passed down to me by my mother and my grandmother ❤️
Mái - Maker & Dreamer
 Hola! Crafting has always been part of my life as I grew up in a family with a special devotion to knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitching and any craft you can think of! It's a mystery why it took me 32 years to make a business out of it! 
The Mum - Head Cheerleader
My mum made her first contribution to this business more than 20 years ago when she introduced all things sewing to me, letting me play with the scraps of fabric while she was making pyjamas, barbie dresses and a little bit of everything else. Now she is supervising, supporting and cheering me from Heaven 😇!
La Abue - Original Jedi Master, Muse
La Abue
I know my Grandma would have been very proud of this business endeavour. She spent countless hours and unlimited patience teaching me how to be a good crafter! Thank you Grandma! You are my biggest inspiration. My talent ultimately comes from you!
Eth - Lead Enabler
Partner in crime! His biggest and most important contribution is the moral support and encouragement that he gives me every day ❤️
Cuddles - Chief Security Officer
Cuddles is an essential part of the team as he always alerts us when in the middle of the night a sneaky possum visits our roof while assessing the best way to steal the merchandise!